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CSAW 2017 CTF Write-up: Web littlequery

### Points

### Readme
I've got a new website for BIG DATA analytics!

### Steps

0. The website has nothing than one login page. When trying to login with some dummy data like test/test; we noticed that the password field is somehow modified before the data is submitted to server.

Open the source of the page, we find that there is one javascript file at `js/login.js` that is used to handle the form data.

Open the javascript file, it contains only one function:

$(".form-signin").submit(function () {
    var $password = $(this).find("input[type=password]");

So, we know that the input password is actually be hashed to SHA1 format before submitting (and probably saved in the same format) to server.

We then come up with the idea, if we can know the username and hashed password, we can use that directly to login to the website without the need of finding…

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