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ph0wn CTF 2017 Write-up: Misc/helpxman - Stage 2 and 3

After successfully getting the flag of Stage 1, the challenge told us to continue looking for something interesthing from the app. After playing around with the app's UI, we found nothing special and decided to look into the internal of the app. By saying internal we meant: let's reverse the source code of the application! Get the application's APK file from the glasses.Connect the glasses with the computer as described in Stage 1List all current application installed in the smart glasses:> adb shell pm list packages ... package:ph0wn.reconjet ... => We can easily identify the app we are looking for is package:ph0wn.reconjet With the package name found, we can find the actual filename and the location of the APK file:> adb shell pm path ph0wn.reconjet package:/data/app/ph0wn.reconjet-1/base.apk (Author's note: When writing this write-up, I have to run the app again on my phone, so the path appear above might be different from the one actually found on smartgl…

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