Apr 8, 2010

How to change SMSC number of Android

Changing SMSC (Short Message Service Center) is necessary when you go to another country (for biz trip or traveling) and still want to send SMS (SMS roaming).

Basically, Android phone have NO setting or application to do this. But, I found a tip.

Here you are:

1. Go to Phone Dialer, and press: *#*#4636#*#*
2. Select Phone information
3. Scroll down to bottom of the screen, you'll see the field for SMSC setting.
4. [Optional] Click Refresh to see current SMSC number.
5. Change the SMSC number as you want. Then, click Update.

That's it!

P/S: I checked on my Nexus One. Maybe, in other Android phones, it's a little bit difference. But, the code is the same: *#*#4636#*#*


King Sono said...

I have Atlantis Android 2.2 and this function does not work. I still need to change the message number. Please help

Android app development said...

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Shevay said...

i have an Andriod version 2.2.1 and my SMSC number is not the same as it was to begin with, now i can't send any messages i can get them but i can't send any, please help!!!!

Shevay said...

i have an Andriod 2.2.1 a INQ and my SMSC number isn't the same as it began with, now i cannot send any kind of messages , i can get them i just can't send any please help if you have any say .

Sam said...

I'm so sorry for late response.
I have an idea for your case.

Because the SMSC number is defined by mobile operator, so you can contact them or check their website to know.

Or, alternatively, you can use another SIM card which is from the same operator with yours. And use method above to check the correct SMSC number that already stored in that sim.

Let me know if it could help!

hussein smair said...

doesnt work

ashed Phoenix said...

Hi, I am trying to update my SMSC number on Xperia P but it doesn't get saved after Pressing update.. can you please tell me what's wrong?

Steffen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steffen said...

Hey, you might need to change the number into PDU format first.
helped me under CM/ICS.

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