How to set proxy for Android (updated for 1.5 and 1.6_r1 versions)

Here is a tutorial to reconfigure settings of Android , to use proxy for Internet connections.
Basically, we need to modify content of settings.db file in /data/data/ of Android.

So, we can follow these steps:

1. Go into SDK tools folder
cd [path_to_SDK_folder]/tools
then start emulator.

2. Get settings.db file from Android:
adb pull /data/data/ settings.db
3. Use SQLite3 to modify it:

a. If you are using Android SDK version 1.1 or lower,
then use:
sqlite3 settings.db "INSERT INTO system VALUES(99,'http_proxy','[proxy_host]:[proxy_port]');"
b. If you are using Android SDK version 1.5 or higher
then use:
sqlite3 settings.db "INSERT INTO secure (name, value) VALUES('http_proxy','[proxy_host]:[proxy_port]');"
4. Put it back into Android:
adb push settings.db /data/data/
5. Restart emulator. Then we can use proxy setting for Internet connections.


Siraj said…
Hi these are some really good tips. Any idea if this can be done on the phone and not emulator? I am trying to connect to proxy on Nexus One.

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